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KultRock Sound

Is your music being heard? We can bring your music to the masses around the world!

the ultimate showcase for bands signed and unsigned!           

Digital download + Booklet with Artist/Band bio, photo, info and contact spread to over 105.000 music business contacts including Kult Rock subscribers, college radio stations,
record labels, promoters, artist managers, booking agents & other music industry illuminati,.. .

When sending package, please indicate which track you would like included.

(tracks over 5:00 are subject to an extra charge, but we can be lenient within reason),

Ask for more info and terms : compilation@kultrock.com 

Digital Circulation


KultRock Sound


1 Track

€ 500

2 Tracks

€ 800

3 Tracks

€ 1.000

5 Tracks

€ 1.500

Special Position (First 5 tracks)

+ € 100


KRA005  ©

KRA004 © 

"Welcome To The Instrumentals Vol.II"

KRA003  ©

"Welcome To The Instrumentals Vol.I"




Egasa "Egasa" © 2005

  1.Fragmenta "Intro" 1.Egasa "Egasa"

1.Elk and Elm

1.Earth's Child

  2.Fragmenta "Atmosphera" 2.Egasa "Eyes ofThe World" 2.Ellesmere 2.Egasa
  3.Fragmenta "Fell the Time" 3.Egasa"Everybody HasTo Go There" 3.Elsewhere 3.Emergence
  4.Egasa "Epidemic" 4.Fragmenta "Classical Fragmenta" 4.Enigma 4.Everybody Has to Go There
  5.Egasa "Elsewhere" 5.Fragmenta "Glory" 5.Epidemic 5.Extinction
  6.Egasa "Elk and Elm" 6.Fragmenta "Solos" 6.Essential 6.Eyes of the World


KRS025 ©2006

KRS024 © 2006


KRS023 ©2006


KRS022 ©2006


KRS021 ©2006



1.Song for the Death


KRS020 ©2006


KRS019 ©2006


KRS018 ©2006


KRS017 ©2006

Fragmenta"Lost Memory"

KRS016 ©2006

Fragmenta"Lost Desert"

1.Sadness 1.Post-vitam 1.Planet of Origin 1.Lost Memory

1.Lost Desert


KRS015 ©2006


KRS014 ©2006


KRS013 ©2005

Egasa "Essential"

KRS012 ©2005

Egasa "Ellesmere"

KRS011 ©2005

Egasa "Enigma"

1.Insane 1.Burning Bridges 1.Essential 1.Ellesmere



KRS010  ©2005


KRS009 ©2005

 Fragmenta "Fire"

KRS008 ©2005

Egasa "Earth's Child"

KRS007 ©2005

Egasa "Emergence"

KRS006 ©2005

Egasa "Extinction"

1.The Battle 1.Fire 1.Earth's Child 1.Emergence




Fragmenta "Risk" © 2005


Fragmenta "Mistery" © 2005


Fragmenta "Lex" © 2005


Fragmenta "Dracula" © 2005


Fragmenta "Antartide" © 2005

1.Risk 1.Mistery 1.Lex 1.Dracula




KR040 KultRock Sound #40 ©

KR039 KultRock Sound #39 © 

KR038 KultRock Sound #38 ©

KR037 KultRock Sound #37 ©

KR036 KultRock Sound #36 ©


KR035 KultRock Sound #35 ©

KR034 KultRock Sound #34 © 

KR033 KultRock Sound #33 © 2015

KR032 KultRock Sound #32 © 2015

KR031 KultRock Sound #31 © 2015

    1.FRAGMENTA “Free Will”

1.FRAGMENTA “A Dank Smell”

1.CHRIS FURY “The Nexus”

    2.DISTRICT UNKNOWN “Joy Versus Sorrowl” 2.GROTESQUE “Let me Fall” 2.CHRIS FURY “All Funked Up”
    3.SLITEN6IX “Nevermore” 3.WASTED LAND “Into Chaos I Lost” 3.CHRIS FURY “Autopilot Disengage”
    4.ACCURSED “The First Rain”             4.COMMUNAL GRAVE “The Frightener”             4. FRAGMENTA “The Lost Journey
    5.CROSS MY BLESSED HANDS “Eventus Belli” 5.HATURSVART “Hatursvart” 5.BELOS “The Basement”
    6.NEMESIS “Forever in Metal” 6.BRUTUS “Villains” 6.CRACKDUST “Return of the Gods”

KR030 KultRock Sound #30 © 2012

KR029 KultRock Sound #29 © 2012

KR028 KultRock Sound #28 © 2011

KR027 KultRock Sound #27 © 2011

KR026 KultRock Sound #26 © 2011

1.FRAGMENTA “Broken Hearts”

1.FRAGMENTA “Ghostly”

1.FRAGMENTA “Fall Into The Oblivion”

1. GRAVELAND “Iron In The Fog”

1.FRAGMENTA “Coroner”

2.CHAOTIC AEON “Pestilence” 2.FRAGMENTA “For Whom The Bell Tolls” 2.FRAGMENTA “Nevermore” 2. DEMONICIDUTH “Torrents d’Amour” 2.OTARGOS “Invoked To Destroy”
3.AHOORA “Perfect Day” 3.SLOW AGONY “The End”  3.THE IVORY TOWER PROJECT “Gotcha’” 3. DEMONICIDUTH “New Life” 3.EDENBEAST “Last Day On Earth”
4.DOG FACED CORPSE “Dog Faced Corpse”             4.SLOW AGONY “Fall Into The Oblivion” 4. THE IVORY TOWER PROJECT “Way Too Late” 4. ENSLAVIOR “Entombed”  4.EDENBEAST “Self Destruction”
5. NASER MESTARIHI “Phoenix”    5.KH3 “I See You In The Dark” 5. CROWDEAD “Godamine” 5. ENSLAVIOR “Null Void” 5.AUTUMN DWELLER “Eve Of Salvation”
6. BLACK WELL “The Relentless and the Drone”      6. DAWN OF DEFIANCE “Social Slavery”


6. DEMONICIDUTH “Oppression”

KR025 KultRock Sound # 25 © 2011

KR024 KultRock Sound # 24 © 2010 

KR023 KultRock Sound # 23 © 2010

KR022 KultRock Sound # 22 © 2010

KR021 KultRock Sound # 21 © 2010

1.FRAGMENTA “Secret Mind”

1.FRAGMENTA “Dark Rain”

1.FRAGMENTA “Catalepsy” 1.EXEKRATOR “I Was The Demon” 1.FRAGMENTA “The Delirium Is Now”
2.DEATH FROST “Totentanz” 2.M.F.A.G.C.O.Q.D. “Little Duck III” 2.SLOW AGONY “A Circle Of Hunger” 2.EXEKRATOR “Jaetteblod” 2.IN BETTER DAYS “Deceiver”
3.LINCOLN LOVE LOG “Too Penetrate” 3.SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH “Stinks Of Rates” 3.SLOW AGONY “Slave Of Pain” 3.FRAGMENTA “Nights In Arabia”  3.IMMEMOREAL “My Will To Power”
4.LACRIMAE “Death Travels On Me” 4.SURFACE “Cancao Para Un Amigo” 4.LANTZ “2040” 4.BESTIAL DEVASTATION “Perversion” 4.KH3 “I See You In The Dark”
5.ENSLAVIOR “Entombed”   5.SURFACE “Apreco Feminino” 5.LEX TALIONIS “Soulmirror” 5.BESTIAL DEVASTATION “Necronomicon: The Book Of The Deadmen” 5.HELL-BORN “Brimstone Lakes Of Pandemonium”
6.EMETH “Impermanent Of Being” 6.DEATH FROST “Father Devil” 6.ORIGIN HELL “Handle With Care” 6.LINCOLN LOVE LOG “My Sweet Barbeque”  6.IMMEMORIAL “Day of Anger”

KR020 KultRock Sound # 20 © 2010

KR019 KultRock Sound # 19 © 2009 

KR018 KultRock Sound # 18 © 2009

KR017 KultRock Sound # 17 © 2009

KR016 KultRock Sound # 16 © 2009

1.FRAGMENTA “Dreamland”

1.FRAGMENTA “The Sound Of Dreams” 1.FRAGMENTA “At Sunset” 1.FRAGMENTA “My Land” 1.FRAGMENTA “Melancholia”
2.FRAGMENTA “Go On” 2.DARK CLOUDS “Marketing Strategy Free Zone” 2.COLLISION “I Hate Christmas” 2.FRAGMENTA “Light And Shade” 2.FRAGMENTA “Pain”
3.MYSTURA “Mind The Gap” 3.SLOW AGONY “Fall Into The Oblivion” 3.AUTOPHAGIA “Postmortem Human Offal” 3.EMETH “Catatonic Entanglement” 3.GUERRAETERNA “Techno Fuck”
4.MERENDINE ATOMICHE “Game Over” 4.SLOW AGONY “A Circle Of Hunger” 4.GUERRAETERNA “Applegas” 4.GODDESS OF DESIRE “Conquerors Divine” 4.KH3 “I See You In The Dark”
 5.LINCOLN LOVE LOG “BBQ Lust”  5.IRON BITCHFACE “Cookie Monster with his Nuts Stuck in a Meat Grinder” 5.LANTZ “2040” 5.SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH “Disheveled Scatter” 5.IRON BITCHFACE “I Didn’t Mean To Shoot Daddy ‘s Gun”
 6.SWARTZKOGLEN “Hit Me Slowly”

6.DETRIMENTUM “Spell Of Miserable Incantation”

6.LAW OF THE PLAGUE “Love Your God” 6.ROMPEPROP “We Want Gore” 6.SKINFECTED “Monuments”

KR015 KultRock Sound # 15 © 2008

KR014 KultRock Sound # 14 © 2008 

KR013 KultRock Sound # 13 © 2008

KR012 KultRock Sound # 12 © 2008

KR011 KultRock Sound # 11 © 2008

1.FRAGMENTA “Madness”

1.DAWN OF DEFIANCE “Summoning Death” 1.FRAGMENTA “The Forgotten Instruments” 1.FRAGMENTA “The Flight” 1.FRAGMENTA “Autumnal Fires”
2.ANGERCORE “Experienced” 2.FRAGMENTA “Hypnotic” 2.CUNTGRINDER “House Of Violent Fun” 2.CUNTGRINDER “Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch !!” 2.PROFANATION “Blood Drenched Ground”
3.GUERRAETERNA “Chained Melody” 3.HYBRID VISCERY “Grind Your Head” 3.CARNAL LUST “Psychotic Dementia” 3.TOTAL RUSAK “Victim Of Massacre” 3.HOLY MARTYR “Warmonger”
4.KH3 “I See You In The Dark” 4.RASPATUL “Menghitung Ajal” 4.STEELGLORY “When The Saint Is The Sinner” 4.LOST SOUL ‘S CRY “Entering Dimension Horror” 4.BELINUS “Stormgod”
5.BONE CRUSHING ANNIHILATION “Honocidal Suicide” 5.TUATHA DE DANANN “The Last Words” 5.MAPLE CROSS “World Wide Mistery” 5.LAW OF THE PLAGUE “Love Your God” 5.TERRORIST “Himno De Odio”
6.GUTTED “Purify By Suicide” 6.TORVISCERIZER “Hatecantrophe” 6.DEATH FROST “Idle Brain” 6.ADULTERY “Death Of Sun”


KR010 KultRock Sound # 10 © 2007

KR009 KultRock Sound # 9 © 2007 

KR008 KultRock Sound # 8 © 2007

KR007 KultRock Sound # 7 © 2007

KR006 KultRock Sound # 6 © 2006

1.FRAGMENTA “Rebirth”

1. FRAGMENTA “Storm Of Souls” 1. FRAGMENTA “Fallen” 1. FRAGMENTA “Alone” 1. FRAGMENTA “Dracula”
2. FRAGMENTA “Therapy” 2. FRAGMENTA “Jack” 2. FRAGMENTA “Nadir” 2. FRAGMENTA “The Lonely Mountain” 2. FRAGMENTA “Fire”
3.DIMENSION SEVEN “Antitude” 3.REEK OF SHITS “Simphony Of Assassin” 3.EXHUMACE “Tovzo In Sickness” 3.SICK OF SOCIETY “Louise” 3.FUCK THE FACTS “23-17-41”
4.ROMPEPROP “Vaginal Luftwaffe” 4.SHAARK “Fire” 4.WAYD “Dust”  4.HELLBLAZER “The Cleveland Torso Killer” 4.SICK OF SOCIETY “Porn’ N’ Roll Forever”
5.PIGSTY “Thanx you , mom”  5.FALLING SILENCE “Libera Nella Mente” 5.REAPERS “Metalness” 5.GODLESS “Heavens’ Final Failure” 5.HUMAN ABSTRAKT “Numb”
6.DESPISE “Room 101”

6.GODYVA “Blue Shadows”

6.PURGATORIA “Void Of Thought” 6.LUNATIC GODS “The Course”

6.BASTARD SAINTS “No Morality”

KR005 KultRock Sound # 5 © 2006

KR004 KultRock Sound # 4 © 2006

KR003 KultRock Sound # 3 © 2006

KR002 KultRock Sound # 2 © 2005

KR001 KultRock Sound # 1 © 2005

1. FRAGMENTA “Insane”

1.FRAGMENTA “Burning Brideges” 1. FRAGMENTA “Lord of Sound” 1. FRAGMENTA “Till the Time” 1. FRAGMENTA "Antartide"
2. FRAGMENTA “Lost Desert” 2. FRAGMENTA “Sadness” 2. FRAGMENTA “Carpe Diem” 2. FRAGMENTA "Atmosphera" 2. FRAGMENTA "Feel The Time"
3.PIGSTY “Blow Job” 3.N.C.C. “Payload Specialists” 3.N.C.C. “On Return Trip Home” 3. TORN TO PIECES “Vaginal Prayer” 3. LITHAM “Empire Of Ibliss”
4.TU CARNE “Mi  Primera Autopsia” 4.SOLEKAHN “Senses Labirinth” 4.SOLITARY “Spineless” 4. IRA ET IGNIS “The Song Of The Dark Saviours” 4. RULE OF THUMB “A Rotting Core”
5.ABSENCE OF FAITH “Breathe” 5.PIGSTY “Pathological Disfigurentment” 5.GROSSMEMBER “Mind Collapse System” 5. MANGLED “Hate” 5. SQUASH BOWELS “Scream Saints Pig Head”
6.ANTIGAMA “A Tendency To Sleep” 6.MARTYR “Warp Zone” 6.M.F.A.G.C.O.Q.D. “Pernicious” 6. HONEY FOR CHRIST “Forging Iron Will” 6. AHUMADO GRANUYO “Fugu”